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spinning Thriller CDMike's Roomspinning Thriller CD

Mike spinning onstage

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SONG NAME AND CREDIT(S) "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson.

dancing stick men
Y'all know I had to make a page for Da Man, Da King of Pop, my roe-dawg, Michael Jackson. Okay, so maybe me and Mike don't really roll that tight in real life, but hey, I like his music and his dancing. Regardless of what you might think of his personal life, you gotta admit, the man can dance and saaang his ass off! Hats off to you, Mike!!dancing stick men

Take a look at some of these pics here!

Think he's tired yet?! Mike with the Rerun beanie from What's Happening Mike living the simple life (yeah, right) Mike with the slick 'do, just chilin' it's not fair for Mike to have all that hair, and me with my weave! from the BAD video they really wore those yellow outfits? eww! the J5 live in Tokyo, Japan Mike and Madonna sharing a secret at some awards ceremony I was so in love with this poster back in da day! promo cover from the Bad album Mike doing the yuppie thang... I don't know who made this picture, but it is cold as hell! Mike puttin' it down at Motown 25 don't Mike look so happy to see me? (in my dreams!) Mike plays with the kitty kitty He's really happy to see me now! (still dreaming here) Mike visiting Ryan in the hospital Mike in angel gear... Mike dressed in cowboy attire Mike during the wonder years closeup of Mike in black Mike in animal print shirt and metallic pants Mike dancing with Naomi Campbell Mike standing in the rain, frowning (he missed the bus, perhaps? 80s Mike, with denim shirt B/W photo of Mike with eyes closed Proud Papa holding bouncing baby boy Mike and baby boy again Papa Bear and Baby Bear (around 6-8 months) Mike in a U.S. Nave uniform -  HOTT! Mike with brown leather jacket (Human Nature video) Who Is It? single cover
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NEW PICS from my friends at HISteria

Mike doing the Footworks (Black Or White video) Smooth Criminal dance Perfoming Billie Jean at Motown 25  performing in black suit and fedora hat drawing by Vero ( ) drawing by Sophie Wehr (
dancing stick men

Swining in bare socks!

taking out the famed Sequined Glove sitting at the piano with Writer's Block walking in a flower garden with a little girl clockwise from bottom: Janet, Randy, Marlon, Tito, Jackie, father Joseph, Jeremaine, Michael young teen Mike (looks like young Fred G. Sanford)
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MJ Web
Blood On the Dance Floor Go Freak Daddy! Calmate, Miguel! Calm down, Mike! from Say Say Say video with Paul McCarthy
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